Colonial sub replica causes scare in New York Harbor

This bit of news was brought to our attention by our good friend, Brian Matus. Thanks, Brian!

From USAToday:
A replica of a Revolutionary War submarine spooked New York City police and the U.S. Coast Guard today when the egg-shaped vessel was seen bobbing near the Queen Mary 2 luxury liner docked off Brooklyn.
But the handmade wood-and-fiberglass submersible — a replica of David Bushnell’s one-man American Turtle, the first submarine used in combat — was the work of artists, not terrorists.
“It was a strange sight,” Coast Guard Petty Officer Angelia Rorison told the New York Post
Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly described it as “the creative craft of three adventuresome individuals. It does not pose any terrorist threat. … We can best summarize today’s incident as marine mischief.”
Artist Philip “Duke” Riley, 35, and two Rhode Island men were detained and questioned. One Rhode Island man said he was descendant of Bushnell.

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