The Forums are back!

Well… sort of.

The forums didn’t exactly make the move to the new server unscathed. Unfortunately, most of the threads were lost. The good news though is that all of the user data survived! Sorry for the delay, but I got a real crash course in MYSQL database management over the last week and a half. I am now available for hire should anyone need theirs fixed as well  …for tons and TONS of cash! (sigh…)

Head over to the new forums ( and check out the new space!
Thanks to everyone for their patience but I think we’re finally getting back up to speed around here.

And there was much moaning and gnashing of teeth…

 For those of you waiting to get back on the Black Coat forums, my sincere apologies. I’m working to get them back up and running as soon as possible. The bad news is that, in the server switch, a great deal of the old forums have been lost. It’s partly my fault but could be remedied if not for an unresponsive web hosting service that shall remain nameless. Anyway, it looks like the posting process will be starting over from scratch – sorry about that. I’m working right now to rescue the user names. Hopefully that will go a little more smoothly and be done in the next day or two. Either way, we’ll forge ahead.

I’ll keep everyone posted – thanks for your patience!