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Jul 2007
Getting Ready for Comic-Con!
Posted in by ben at 11:30 am | 1 Comment »

SDCC07Comic Con is less than a week away and we’re gearing up for a great show! This will be my (Ben’s) second Comic-Con but my first at a booth and I’m pretty excited. I’ll be hanging out with tons of other Ape creators at Ape’s booth (# 2105). There should be lots for all of you BC fans to see and do at the booth. We’ll have trade Paperbacks and the latest issue of “…Or Give Me Death” on sale (sorry , no issue 2 yet…), I’ll be signing books and doing sketches as well.  Just look for the Black Coat standup and the Ape banner! More updates coming soon!

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visitor said:

Awesome! Can’t wait to get my copy of the TPB signed!!! :)

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