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Feb 2010
“Or Give Me Death” Trade Paperback now available for pre-order!
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bc_ogmd_TPB_medAll right! It’s finally here! For anyone who’s been waiting, or for those that want a complete  Black Coat collection on their shelves, the Black Coat’s second series, “Or Give Me Death”, has been collected into this awesome Trade Paperback and is now available for preorder!!

The trade features an incredible wrap-around cover by none other than Gabriel Hardman (Agents of Atlas)!! If you missed any of the individual issues, be sure to pick this up. The book will be in stores this April, but you can place your order now!

To make sure that you get your copy, go to your local comic shop and tell them you want this book. You can even give them this Diamond order code: FEB10 0659.

Thanks to everyone that’s stuck by us over the years. We hope that you truly enjoy this trade.

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