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Oct 2010
Black Coat artists at New York Comic-Con this weekend!
Posted in by ben at 8:12 pm | 1 Comment »

Hey everyone! If you’re headed to the New York City comic-con this weekend (10/8-10/10), or just thinking about going, here are 2 great reasons to get your ticket punched. Black Coat: Or Give Me Death series artist Dean Kotz will be in artists alley and so will Black Coat: Heart of Ice and cover artist Gabriel Hardman! Be sure to stop by and say ‘hello’ to both of them. And be sure to pick up a print or a book while you’re there!

Be sure to check out more of their artwork as well. Here are some links:
Dean Kotz
Gabriel Hardman

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One Response:

Michael Rijssenbeek said:

Artist Alley was major and took up about 50 % of the show floor. Because it was a new smaller show – the initial year saw around six, 300 attendees – there were plenty of time to discuss with creators. Well, those who didn’t include their headphones on while drawing instead of making eye contact anyhow. I know you’re operating, but you’re also producing yourself unapproachable. Anyways. i truly enjoyed catching up with a few artists I’ve met before and coming across entirely new work and also just talking.

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