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Dec 2012
New Black Coat book now on Kickstarter!
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Hey folks! Big news! We’ve launched our first Kickstarter campaign and, if successful, will be working on a new 66 page graphic novel telling the further adventures of The Black Coat. Check out the Kickstarter page and consider making a contribution – or just help spread the word!
Here’s the official press release!

Monday, December 3, 2012
For Immediate Release:
The Black Coat slashes his way onto Kickstarter

The creative team responsible for The Black Coat comic book launched their first Kickstarter campaign today and plan to produce a 66 page graphic novel that tells the further adventures of America’s first superspy if funded. “We’ve always wanted to pick things up where we left off,” said Black Coat co-creator Ben Lichius, “but producing a book like The Black Coat can be cost prohibitive in many ways and so it just hasn’t been a possibility for us to this point.”

The creators are looking toward Kickstarter as a way to raise both funds and awareness for the character and help ease the minds of some eager fans at the same time. “I still get emails on a regular basis asking when we’re going to do more books,” Lichius added. “I think that Kickstarter is a special way for old and new fans to get involved with a project that they love, and in a way they never could before. Obviously the funding is a big part of it, but one of the great things about crowdfunding is the level of interaction that fans get to have – it’s a literal forum for them, as actual investors, to talk about the project, share their thoughts and concerns with the creators, help spread the word about the project… It actually makes fans into fellow creators and I think that’s really cool.”

The new book would be written by Ben Lichius, illustrated by Dean Kotz, and colored by Diego Rodriguez. Ape Entertainment has already agreed to publish the book upon completion. If successful, the team expects the book to be on shelves by early October of 2013.

For more information about the campaign, visit the Kickstarter Page:

You can follow the campaign’s progress on the Black Coat’s website or on Facebook at:

And to learn more about Ape Entertainment, visit their website

The Black Coat was created by Ben Lichius and Francesco Francavilla.

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