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    The Black Coat is America's first superspy! Set in New York City in the days before the Revolutionary War, The Black Coat fights against the British and forces of the occult to protect the burgeoning nation. It's action packed fun that Chuck Dixon calls " kind of comics!"

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  “A Call to Arms” (2006)
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One shots (2008)
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“…Or Give Me Death.” (2009)
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Here’s what people have to say about The Black Coat:

“Black Coat is an awesome book. You guys present an earnest, period adventure with everything I like and no “decompressed” padding.
My kind of comics!”
-Chuck Dixon (Writer -Detective Comics, Savage Sword of Conan)

“Black Coat has both feet firmly planted in traditional swashbuckling adventure and original vision- a great looking book!” 
-Mike Avon Oeming (Powers artist, Marvel writer)

“The Black Coat is one those amazing and unique books that I truly recommend for everyone – especially those who maybe aren’t normally into the comic scene.”
“This is stand out writing that dwarves most of what passes in the mainstream comic industry.”
“The Black Coat is part of the upper-echelon of family-freindly independent comics available!”

“Francesco Francavilla’s exquisite brushwork rivals that of Al Williamson or  Alex Raymond… the level of detail and craft perfectly suits the rich atmosphere of the Black Coat.”
-Stuart Immonen (Artist – Nextwave and Ultimate X-Men)

“The Black Coat is by far one of the best period comics I have ever read!
If you love the rich settings and the swashbuckling action of Pirates of the Caribbean then this book is a dream come true.”
-Chris McCroskey (

“Of all the former Speakeasy titles that have found a new home so far since the fledgling publisher imploded a few months back, Ape Entertainment just may have snatched up the most promising one of them all.”
-Guy LeCharles (

“…I’m quite happy to announce that not only did I find the first issue of A Call To Arms to be an extremely engaging and compelling reading experience throughout, but also one that boasts eye-poppingly cinematic visuals, a well paced and skillfully structured storyline, a handful of amusing characters spouting equally amusing dialogue, and, in general, just one damn cool as hell old school style pulp adventurer comic.” 
-Dave Moran (Silver Bullet Comics)

“The setting, characters and mystery are all engaging and the pacing is swift and effective. With all that and some impressive artwork, this should be a series to strongly consider.”
-Kert McAfee (Broken Frontier)

“In the absence of Crossgen, a company whose titles I was a huge fan of, this is a very nice replacement.  Of the Crossgen titles I would compare this to ‘El Cazador’ and ‘Ruse’ both artistically and in the level of the writing.  It makes you think “
-Brant Fowler (Comic Avalanche)

“I think you guys have a brilliant idea on your hands. Being a fan of historical fiction I was very much looking forward to this series and Black Coat  delivered on all of my expectations. You guys were able to create a very believable historical backdrop…put some pirates and supernatural creepiness on top of that, and I am all over it!!”
-Alex Sheikman (Writer/Artist – Robotika)

“Anyone that likes good action/adventure comics should give this a chance, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.” 
-Ron Miller (Indy Comic Review)

“The Black Coat is a fine addition to pulp tradition and buccaneer fiction.”
-Ray Tate (Silver Bullet Comic Books)

“This lavishly illustrated comic is like a paper-and-ink version of a classic Saturday morning serial from Hollywood’s golden age. From its photorealistic black-and-white art to its scene-setting text intro; from its Zorro-esque hero to its inclusion of some public-domain monsters made famous by Universal Pictures, this comic book feels like a classic swashbuckler that Errol Flynn should have starred in.”
-J. Caleb Mozzocco (Las Vegas Weekly)

“It’s a unique book with genuinely clever (not cute, but smart) writing and detailed, realistic art that looks great in black-and-white. In fact, this is one occasion where color would’ve been the wrong choice. As it is, The Black Coat looks like a Tyrone Power movie, if it were directed by James Whale. And it’s just as fun and brilliant as you’d expect that kind of movie to be.”
-Comic World News

“The Black Coat is a phenomenal book with incredible artwork by Francesco Francavilla and a credible but amazing storyline. With a brilliant cover by Francavilla colored by Euan MacTavish, The Black Coat is a product Benjamin Franklin would have been proud to publish, and any comic collector would be thrilled to own.” 
-Kevin Noel Olson (Silver Bullet Comic Books)

“…you can think of the Black Coat as Paul Revere by way of Batman or the Shadow…” “…the storytelling’s good and the art quite stunning – a bit like Tim Truman working in gray tones.” 
-Dave Farabee (Ain’t it Cool News)